Reese Events Group celebrates a decade of designing DAZZLING EVENTS

Greg Reese is so busy having fun that the 10th anniversary of his company Reese Events Group almost snuck by him. “The years have gone by quickly, but when you love what you do… My mother always tells me not to work too hard because we’re always staying late or working on Sundays or from home, but I tell her: it’s not work, it’s more like a hobby. I love what I do,” says the company’s founder and owner.

Before he became one of San Antonio’s premier event designers, Greg owned daycare centers with his wife Lily. But even then, the pair was planning events, including their own wedding and other celebrations for family and friends. When he and Lily started talking about what they wanted to do once their kids were in college, it was completely natural that they’d look to the event industry. And thus, Reese Events Group (then Events by Reese) was born.

A decade later, Greg works with a team of 16 employees to design and produce gorgeous San Antonio weddings and events with an ever-timeless style. “I love creating events that you can’t tell when they happened. There are always going to be trends and we will incorporate those, but our style stays very timeless, clean, and classy,” says Greg, whose company can take care of everything from the planning, rentals, and florals to the lighting, linens, and décor.

And though Reese events always boast the company’s signature style, when it comes to designing weddings for their couples, Greg and his team make sure they are producing events that reflect who each couple truly is. “I always stress with my employees to listen. Couples come into our studio having met with other companies, and even though they talked for hours, when they sit down to look at the design proposal, it includes things they didn’t want. So we listen and we don’t try to change their minds,” Greg says. He uses dream boards with colors, styles, maybe a certain shape or texture, and he gathers all of his clients’ ideas—where they are in that moment and where they want to go—and after he listens to what they want, then he offers input. Ultimately, though, he always tells his couples: “This is your wedding. This is all about you. So let’s get you in the wedding.” He adds, “I want everyone at the wedding, all of the guests, to see the couple in everything we do, in every detail we incorporate, because it can be a gorgeous wedding, but if it’s not the couple, then it doesn’t matter.”

Reese Events Group certainly knows success, which has allowed the company to grow. While it was just Greg in the beginning, Lily eventually joined him in floral, and their son Ryan has since added his lighting expertise. Greg hopes to see Ryan’s role in the company continue to evolve and credits his son with pushing Reese Events Group into its modern, cutting edge position in San Antonio’s wedding market with rebranding techniques such as a new company logo and changing the company’s name from Events by Reese to the more inclusive and wide-reaching Reese Events Group.

Greg was one of San Antonio’s first male wedding and event planners and laughs: “At first, a lot of the ladies in the industry were probably like: Who is this guy?” But Greg earned their respect, made a name for himself, and today, gives a lot of credit to his industry peers, as well as to his couples. “I love to learn, from everyone I meet. Everyone brings something to the table. And that’s the reason I’ve been able to grow so much. I really believe we learn a lot from each other.”

At the heart of Reese Events Group, however, are the couples to whom Greg and his team are committed to serving. “Our couples are just like the children at our daycare centers who used to leave to begin new times in their lives. Our couples are starting a new life together with all of these new ideas and new hopes and things they want to do and create, and Reese Events Group gets to help them begin that life together.”

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